"Toonpur Ka Superrhero" Sequel Is On The Cards

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If you, for once thought that Bollywood is going through the sequel season, you will be surprised with the sudden decision coming from Ajay Devgn. No, the actor isn’t talking about his Golmaal sequel or as you’d call it G4. When we recently interviewed Ajay on his views regarding Toonpur Ka Superhero, he came up with a statement that went, “Yes, if Toonpur Ka Superhero does well at the box office then we might be looking at a sequel or try and be a part of yet another animat ...

Tom and Jerry

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An origin story, based on the classic Hanna-Barbera property, revealing how Tom and Jerry first meet and form their rivalry before getting lost in Chicago and reluctantly working together during an arduous journey home.

Director: Not Available
Writer(s): Eric Gravning
Cast: Not Available

Release Date: To Be Announced
Official Site: Not Available
Distributor: ...

A CG/Live-Action Tom and Jerry

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A CG/Live-Action Tom and Jerry

Warner Bros. Pictures is set to give classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters "Tom and Jerry" the CG/live-action treatment says Variety.

Much like "Garfield" and "Alvin and the Chipmunks", the eternally at odds cat and mouse from the original 114 animated MGM shorts will be CG creations interacting with a real world enviornment.

Prod ...

Baby Mama

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Baby Mama

Review (6.5/10)

VisionBagaimana jika kami wanita yang telah berumur 37, hidup dengan karir yang bagus, tetapi merasa kosong ketika di usia tersebut kamu menginginkan seorang anak, untuk melengkapinya?, Kate Holbrook (Tina Fey) adalah wanita yang mulai mengiginkan kehadiran seorang bayi di kehidupannya, tanpa seorang suami yang mendampinginya atau setidaknya dapat membantunya untuk mewuj ...

Lucy Liu for Kung Fu Panda

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Lucy Liu for Kung Fu Panda
The gorgeous Lucy Liu hisses along in elegant style as a snake who mentors Jack Black's Panda in the new animated comedy, Kung Fu Panda. Liu also confirms that while Cashmere Mafia may be resting with the fishes, she'll be back on the small screen comer the Fall, hanging with the richj and well-to-do. Liu talked pandas and TV with Paul Fischer.

Question: So, Lucy, do you do a movie like this for the child within you? I mean, what is the attraction for you doing animated?