Trailer Park Boys: The Movie

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"Trailer Park Boys: The Movie" finds pals Julian and Ricky serving an 18 month jail sentence for ATM robbery. Upon their release, they return to Sunnyvale trailer park to plan for the largest heist of their long, unsuccessful criminal careers?The Big Dirty, a scheme to steal vast quantities of untraceable change.

As The Big Dirty approaches, The Boys train less-than-able assistants Cory and Trevor. But before their plan can succeed, they will have to outrun helicopters, survive shooto ...

Trailer Park Boys

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Trailer Park Boys
The movie is based on the TV series about a trio of borderline criminals that grow dope and who live in a trailer park.

Director: Mike Clattenburg
Writer(s): Mike Clattenburg
Cast: John Paul Tremblay , Robb Wells, Mike Smith

Release Date: October 6, 2006
Official Site:
Distributor: DreamWorks Pictures
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Not Available

12 and Holding

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12 and Holding
Rudy and Jacob Carges are two twin boys who are best friends, yet completely different. Rudy is athletic, brave and charismatic while his twin Jacob is quiet, timid and deeply affected by the unsightly birthmark on his face. Malee, a precocious only-child of a single, emotionally detached mother, and Leonard, an overweight boy from an obese family, make up the twins' close-knit group of friends. When Rudy dies protecting his tree house that the local trailer park boys, Jeff and Kenny, set on fir ...