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I'd rather be an outcast than a hypocrite

Based on a true character. GIE is a central yet unknown political activist/writer in the 60's, the darkest era of Indonesian history. His life is a clash between a high drama of political events, and small world of friendship and romance. He is falling apart when he sees that his constant battle for justice and truth gives labor to another dictatorial regime. As time passes the people around him adjust to the new regime, but he continues to fight. His uncompromised idealism drives people away. His friends left him; the woman he loves rejects him. Only the beauty of nature can rescue and free him.

Director: Riri Riza
Producer: Mira Lesmana
Writer(s): Riri Riza
Cinematographer: Yudi Datau
Editor: Sastha Sunu
Art Director: Iri Supit
Sound: Satrio Budiman, Adityawan Susanto, & Handy Ilfat Ibrahim
Music score: Thoersi Argeswara
Cast: Nicholas Saputra, Sita Nursanti, Lukman Sardi, Wulan Guritno

Release Date: 2005
Runtime: 147 min
Distributor: Miles Film

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