5 Sehat 4 Sempurna

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5 Sehat 4 Sempurna

5 Sehat 4 Sempurna is a comedy movie about a friendship between 9 peoples who have different background, a story about theirs daily life and social intercourse. The 9 peoples are Danny, Julia Lowbatt, Vantje Burhanudin, Karlim, Pi'I, Shelly, Sophia Labamba, Chaz and Melissa Susilawati. The story begin when Danny and Julia are having a debate about theirs prestige which at the end Danny and Julia are betting on who can prove their capability. Danny are challenge Julia on having a date with a world star who will come to Indonesia, whereas Julia are challenge Danny to having a date with a girl which none other than Danny ex girl friend. The bet is an air ticket to Kuala Lumpur. The referee is Vantje Burhanudin, a man with women like attitude.
Besides that several funny and hilarious role like the vicious and mean Sophia Labamba, becomes the bodyguard of the girls group, Karlim from the village who is act affected and seem he knows everything, Pi'I a boy from Betawi but stupid, Shelly who is spoiled and whine, the sexy Melissa Susilawati who like to speak English but can not get it right, and dumb and Chaz who is asthmatic.

The Malaysian hip hop group Too Phat will sing the soundtrack in this movie which taken from their latest album Plan B.

Director: Richard Buntario
Writer(s): Richard Buntario
Cast: Ivan Gunawan, Fathir Muchtar, Rena Tabitha, Tessa Kaunang, Indra Bekri

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Comedy
Official Site: www.5sehat4sempurna.com

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