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Story about Alit's (Adilla Dimitri) last day in San Francisco. After 5 years, finally he will come home to his homeland. However Alit also realizes that today is the last opportunity for him to win Tasya's heart (Dina Olivia), his roomate's ex girlfriend, Bima (Winky Wiryawan) who rigid and see everything in black and white.

But fate not on his side. A tragic incident change his plan. On this day, started from 6.30am until 6.30am on the next day, for Alit, Bima and Tasya is a decision that they must make, friendship or love?

Release Date: November 09, 2006
Director: Rinaldy Puspoyo
Writer: Adilla Dimitri, Rinaldy Puspoyo
Cast: Adilla Dimitri, Dinna Olivia, Winky Wiryawan, Bambang Wasono, Jajang C. Noer, Firman, Eddy, Audy Wardhana
Studio: Tangankiri Production
Official Site: 6:30

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