A Battle of Wits

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A Battle of Wits
Back in the Warring States in 243 B.C., China was torn among seven states, each with their own individual ruler. Smaller and weaker states often fell prey to larger and stronger ones as their ambitions rules strived endlessly for expansion through invasion. State Yan was one of those unfortunate victims, with State Zhao eyeing them to feast on. The troops from State Zhao, led by the daring Commander Xiang Yanzhong were determined to take over State Yan. They knew they had to take control of City Liang, on the outskirts of State Yan, in order to win the battle.

With a small population of only four thousand, City Liang was ruled by King Liang. The people there were mostly farmers and civilians, having no experience in fighting a war at all. Knowing that they would be attacked by State Zhao, King Liang knew the only chance of survival for the city was to seek external help the "Mozi Warrior", who was renowned for his war-winning tactics.

On the verge of being invaded by State Zhao, there arrived at City Liang a "Mozi Warrior". The people, though they welcomed this "saviour", doubted his ability because of his ragged and unkempt appearance. He was not the least like the "knight in shinning armour" that they had imagined, but they had to count on him for their future

Release Date: November 23, 2006
Director: Jacob Cheung
Writer: Jacob Cheung, Ken'ichi Sakemi
Staring: Andy Lau, Sung Ki Ahn, Bing Bing Fan, Tin Chiu Hung, Wang Zhiwen, Wu Ma, Nicky Wu
Studio: Sundream Motion Pictures
Runtime: 120 mins
Official Site: A Battle of Wits


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