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The Bandits, a rock band with a huge following during the 80?s, goes through a break up after a major incident during one of their concerts. Cut to the present time, Asti (Rianti Cartwright), the younger sister of the vocalist, tries to reunite the band. Her effort brings her to meet the remaining members of the band, who are now living very different lives, far from their heydays as members of a beloved rock band. Yet, through their love, friendship and respect for the music they play, they manage to bring The Bandits back on the road.

Director: Rako Prijanto
Writer(s): Titien Wattimena
Cast: Tora Sudiro, Rianti Cartwright, Darius Sinathrya, Indra Birowo, Gary Iskak

Release Date: February 1, 2007
Genre: Comedy, Urban
Distributor: Rapi Films
Website: DBijis.Com

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