Anak Halal

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Anak Halal

Hisham (Rosyam Noor), a drug dealer, finds himself stuck in a situation where he had to hand over his young son to a homeless woman. Hisham is caught and jailed. Mariam (Mislina Mustaffa), who is a few cans short of a six pack raises the baby, now named after the famed legend “Indraputra” (Farid Kamil), in very meager circumstances, but full of love and art. They live in a squatter area and have neighbors named Bu Leha (Kartina Aziz) and Putra’s best friend, Johanna (Maya Karin). Both without fathers, they have found a substitute in Abi, a homeless man who teaches them how to play guitar and to find glass and cans for sale. Their almost perfect childhood is spoiled when Abi dies of a drug overdose, and when Mariam is taken away by the Social Services, and henceforth, Putra is raised by Bu Leha. They move to Kuala Lumpur in hopes of a better life, but Putra and Johanna inevitably grow up to be street kids, tough and full of conflict. They live hand to mouth, but at the same time their poverty does not stop them from having strong friendships and at times, to enjoy their youth.

Putra works at a storage warehouse, whilst Johanna helps her mother sell fruit and vegetable in Chow Kit. Johanna has grown to be somewhat of a tomboy, who is secretly in love with Putra, a fact only her mother knows. Putra however, falls in love with a beautiful rich girl, Amiera (Fasha Sandha), a girl who accidentally comes into their lives. Her life, unlike Putra and Johanna, is filled with loneliness and sadness. She finds true friends in the form of Putra, their friends Milya (Raja Farah), Erzan (Ady Putra), Shah (Remy Ishak) and Danial (Bront). They have a created a world for themselves and no one can break that. They hang out and jam together in Erzan’s burger stall. Erzan’s life is the worst of all, having adopted a debt to Alongs (money lenders) since his parents have both passed away. His elder sister Milah and younger sister, Milya depend on him to solve all the family’s woes. He has no choice but to peddle drugs, without the knowledge of the rest, and ends up being forced to use by the drug dealer, Malik and his sidekick, Ijam. His life quickly deteriorates, and he is accused of stealing from the dealer.

In his attempt to seek help from his friends, he finds Putra unbending and in fact, violent, when he finds out that Erzan has also helped to provide drugs to Amiera. Amiera’s secret has been her addiction to LSD and after an incident of all the kids being caught in a raid, her father has locked her away in order to help her with her addiction and at the same time, save himself from the humiliation of his high flying friends finding out about his child. She escapes only to find herself in withdrawal and in desperation seeks drugs in the most dire of places. Erzan and Amiera both take the drugs and are found by Putra and this is when Putra loses all control. Erzan is now left without the help of his best friend. Amiera runs away only to be found by Putra, she begs him to help her. He takes her to the place in Kg. Ara, with the intention to find the dealer himself, the man who has destroyed his friends’ lives. Without Putra’s help, Erzan is badly beaten and shot by Malik, and Putra comes… too late to help.

The guilt takes over him. Amiera continues with her drug taking, and in a moment of fantasy jumps off a building thinking she can fly… Putra faces two of his loves dying from drugs. He has only one resort, revenge. He goes to the port where he knows he can find Malik. There is a shoot out, and Johanna is involved, along with his other friends, Shah and Danial. He meets with the leader of the group again… and this time shoots to kill…. Only to see Mariam coming out to try to save the drug dealer. Who is this man he has just killed? Will Putra realize that the one love of his life that he has never seen is right by his side? Is it true that the sins of the fathers are passed on to his children? Catch ‘Anak Halal’ to find out...

Director: Osman Ali
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Farid Kamil, Maya Karin, Fasha Sandha, Ady Putra, Raja Farah, Zul Huzaimy, Bront, Remy Ishak, Fauzi Nawawi, Jehan Miskin, Mislina Mustaffa, Kartina Aziz, Rosyam Nor, Datuk Aziz Sattar, Ahmad Tarmimi

Release Date:
December 13, 2007
Country: Malaysia
Distributor: Tayangan Unggul Sdn. Bhd.
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Crime, Action, Drama
Rating: Not Available
Length: 90 mins

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