Maaf Saya Menghamili Istri Anda

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Maaf Saya Menghamili Istri Anda

Maaf Saya Menghamili Istri Anda is an Indonesian comedy movie starring Agus Ringgo Rahman as Dibyo, an unemployment guy who obsessed to become a celebrity. He did some small parts in TV shows and meets Mira (Mulan Kwok). In one night stand, Mira's pregnant and asked Dibyo to marry her. Dibyo agrees but he must face Mira's husband, Lamhot Simamora. Lamhot and Mira have separated for a while but Dibyo must ask Lamhot to sign the divorce paper. When Dibyo went to meet Lamhot, there's a misunderstanding that makes Lamhot forces Dibyo to marry Butet (Shanty), Lamhot's younger sister.

Director: Monty Tiwa
Writer(s): Monty Tiwa
Cast: Ringgo Agus Rahman, Mulan Kwok, Shanty, Eddie Karsito, M.Miftahur Rizky

Release Date: June 21, 2007
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Distributor: Sinemart Pictures
Official Site: Maaf Saya Menghamili Istri Anda


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