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Set at the backdrops of 1920, a young couple recently entered into nuptials despites life-threatening opposition from the boy's father. Arjun Singh Rathod (Rajneesh Duggal), a religious entity turns into an atheist when his family is urged to kill his wife Lisa (Adah Sharma). Arjun, an architect wizard and Lisa have to now move to exotic location of Palanpur where he is assigned to shatter down an old palace for constructing a new hotel. An excellent picturesque of new place that makes the couple feel like paradise, but there is something abnormal sensed by Lisa in this Old Haveli.

These mysterious signs start haunting Lisa and much before Arjun could believe her, Lisa is already obsessed by a spirit. Here starts, the rolling waves of horrific scenario where Arjun starts assaying of settling-scores with evil spirit that his wife possesses. Indeed, Arjun has to bear the jeopardizing stunts of his possessed wife performing gymnastics. Remember, it's not just about casting away an evil spell, but there is whole lot of mysteries to be unraveled between past life of Lisa and her colligation with Old Haveli.

Director: Vikram Bhatt
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Rajneesh Duggal, Barkha Bhist, Dilip Thadeshwar, Amita Bishnoi, Vipin Sharma, Adah Sharma

Release Date: September 12, 2008
Country: India
Distributor: ASA Film Pvt Ltd.
Genre: Horror
Rating: Not Available
Length: 145 mins

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