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It all begins with Nita (Erra Fazira) starting with a new life in a new place. With her is her cousin Kay (Ida Nerina). Nita a pretty girl but she looks as if there is nothing in this world were left for her. Kay a successfully model, dub as the most beautiful lady in Malaysia. She is at the peak of life and full of zest.

It is in her new home that Nita starts to see things or rather a person, a young child around the age of 5.

Nita tells this to Kay who refuses to believe her and tells her that all these things are in her mind. Nita then starts to doubt her sanity. As if to convince her further, Kay suggests Nita seek Psychiatric help. In the midst of convincing Nita of sanity deep down Kay she is afraid. She was further afraid when she discovered Mak Mek has pass away unexpectedly.

At Mak Mek’s funeral Kay was further shock to know that Mak Mek has a twin sister called Mak Mah. At the funeral Mak Mah warned Kay to stop whatever she is practicing before everything is too late.

Meanwhile Nita has begun psychiatric therapy and regresses to her abortion incident. 6 months before. Kay was in the dressing room smoking and crying. At the same time 3 guys were raping Nita. Nita discovered she was pregnant and Kay convinced Nita to abort the baby. The abortion process did not go well. Nita can never be able to have babies anymore.

Since then all sorts of strange occurances involving the young toddler and their life seemed to be taking out of control and driving them nuts. What does the young child have to do with their lives?

Director: Barney Lee
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Erra Fazira, Ida Nerina, Rusdi Ramli, Esma Danial, Azizah Mahzan

Release Date: February 21, 2008
Country: Malaysia
Distributor: Box Lite Film
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Rating: Not Available
Length: 90 mins


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