L For Love L For Lies

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L For Love L For Lies

Bao (Stephy Tang) originally was a very lucky girl. She opened a sweets shop after graduating college with her longtime boyfriend Jun. Bao thought that after everything settled down, she would then marry Jun. But of course the good times never last long. One day Bao met her old classmate Kei (Alice Zeng). Kei liked Jun’s hard working and nice personality, and completely not caring about Stephy’s feelings; decided to take Jun for her own. Bao not only lost the long time love of her life, but she also lost the sweet shop that she has worked so hard on.

Man (Leila Tong) is Stephy’s good friend. She has a long time boyfriend, Fung (Terry Wu). The pretty and attractive Man would often time have some short relationships with other men while concealing all this from the introvert and slow Fung. It’s not that Man doesn’t love Fung. She always thinks that Fung will never leave her. As for Man, she doesn’t want to be someone who holds onto one single relationship.

After breaking up with Jun, Bao found a job as a make-up artist in the mall. Her boss Kuen suddenly announced her engagement. She invited everyone to out to celebrate. At the party, Stephy realized that her boss’s really young fiancé is very familiar. She recognized him as her old neighbor Qiang (Alex Fong) but Qiang keeps pretending that he doesn’t know Bao.

A month later, Kuen’s wedding was suddenly canceled. Bao found out from coworkers that Kuen’s life savings were all stolen from the fiancé, who also disappeared. Bao unexpectedly met Qiang on the streets. Alex already has a new target. He finds Bao following him. Bao though Qiang was going to sue him, but never expected Qiang to have a request from him. She would like to use good money and hire him to cheat with Kei. Bao promised that Kei will have to taste what it’s like to loose all your money and boyfriend.

As an experienced liar, Alex successfully “wooed” Kei. Watching Kei like someone else, Jun decided to make up with Bao and asked for a new relationship. But the time has passed for Bao. She has no more feelings for Jun because deep in her heart, she unknowingly fell in love with Alex.

As for always having successful relationships, Man finally felt tired and decided to set up a stable relationship with Fung. But Fung tells Man that he wants to break up. In the past 6th months, concealing the fact from Man had another relationship with his coworker’s girlfriend Min (Miki Yeung). “Stepping on two boats”, Terry finally decided to let go of Man and chose Min for a new relationship. Always thinking that she was in control of everything, Man never thought that she would be played. Who would have thought that this was all quietly building up?

Director: Ye Nian Chen
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Alex Fong, Stephy Tang, Terry Wu, Leila Tong, Miki Yeung, Alice Zeng

Release Date: March 13, 2008
Country: Hong Kong
Distributor: Not Available
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: Not Available
Length: 95 mins

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