40 Hari Bangkitnya Pocong

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40 Hari Bangkitnya Pocong

Jessi feels that she is being constantly watched by mysterious creatures. She is unable to sleep, and suffering from terrifying paranoia. Her dark days are briefly ceased when she meets Kevin, a charming guy with a huge crush on her. Yet, as they become closer, terrors from the creatures increase. For the next 40 days, Jessi and Nino, her other friend, will be surrounded by spirits of dead people on vengeance missions for a certain wrongful act Jessi and Nino did a long time ago. Will these two unlucky people escape their own destiny?

Director: Rudi Soedjarwo
Writer(s): Cassandra Massardi
Cast: Irwansyah, Raffi Ahmad, Sabai Morscheck, Connie Sutedja

Release Date: March 6, 2008
Genre: Horror
Distributor: Rapi Films


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