A Place Of One's Own

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Indie rock singer Mozi (Mo Zi Yi) finds his popularity on the decline when he is arrested for taking drugs and at the same time got dumped by also singer girlfriend, Casey (Lu Chia Hsin) whose popularity is on the rise. Mozi writes a love song to Casey to persuade her to come back but failed. As his music CD sales dropped, he is also saddled with debt and has to live alone in an apartment he used to share with her.

Master Lin (Jack Kao) lives with his wife Yue (Lu Yi Ching) and son Xiao Gang (Tang Zhen Gang) on a mountain which is close to a cemetery and works as funeral origami maker who builds giant origami paper houses for the dead. One day Master Lin is heavily pressurized by the property developers to sell his land but he refused although he needs the money badly to treat his cancer illness. Meanwhile, Yue is a grave keeper and one day she listens to the voices of the dead and learns about their secrets.

Xiao Gang is a computer genius who wants to try his luck on real estate and tries to sell Mozi’s apartment. Unexpectedly one day Yue uncovers stolen money that could be used to treat his husband’s illness. Will Mozi able to sell his apartment through Xiao Gang? Will Master Lin use the stolen money for his cancer treatment? Will the property developer succeeds in acquiring Master Lin’s land? Every individual are trying to satisfy their own goals and material needs in both the urban and rural life of Taiwanese society.

Director: Lou Yi An
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Jack Kao, Mo Zi Yi, Lu Chia Hsin, Tang Zhen Gang, Lu Yi Ching, Lou Yi An, Ying Wei Min

Release Date: October 9, 2009
Country: Taiwan
Distributor: 3rd Vision Films, Fame Universal Entertainment
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Musical
Rating: Not Available
Length: 118 mins

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