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A 14-year-old girl called So Jin (Shim Eun Kyeong) mysteriously disappears, and this prompts her elder sister Hee Jin (Nam Sang Mi) and their religious mother (Kim Bo Yeon) to pray for her return. A detective in-charge of juvenile runaway, Tae Hwan (Ryoo Seung Yong) is assigned to investigate So Jin’s disappearance.

After a thorough investigation and interview with security guard Kwi Kap (Lee Chang Jik) and neighbour Kyeong Ja (Moon Hee Kyeong), it is later revealed that So Jin could be possessed by a ghost. The fact is hard to be accepted by the detective and Hee Jin. Later a woman Jeong Mi (Oh Ji Eun) commits suicide by jumping off the roof.

Then another death occurs with Kwi Kap becoming the latest victim. As the mystery deepens the detective realizes all the deaths are related to Hee Jin’s family; either as neighbour or church friend. The mother still continues her prayer as usual for So Jin’s return and Hee Jin meets up with dead neighbour in her dream. Will So Jin ever return?

Director: Lee Yong Ju
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Nam Sang Mi, Ryoo Seung Yong, Kim Bo Yeon, Shim Eun Kyeong, Lee Chang Jik, Moon Hee Kyeong, Oh Ji Eun, Jang Yeong Nam, Kim Do Yeon

Release Date: August 12, 2009
Country: South Korea
Distributor: Achim Pictures
Genre: Horror, Mystery
Rating: Not Available
Length: 106 mins


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