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He Zhi Yuan (John Low) is one middle-aged man who is struggling and finds it hard to accept the reality of his wife’s sudden death. He is then placed at Island Hospital where he meets Beatrice (Jo Tan). He is then selected for an experimental treatment where he needs to confront his past, present and future reality of life. Meanwhile, a filmmaker visits Island Hospital to document the lives of the staff and patients.

Director: Ho Tzu Nyen
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: John Low, Jo Tan, Hemang Yadav, Andy Hillyard, Sudeep Bhupal Singh, Paul Lucas, Helen Chan, Chang Wai Chong, Dermot McGrath, Ong Chuen Boone

Release Date: June 25, 2009
Country: Singapore
Distributor: Akanga Film Productions, GSMPRJCT Media, M'GO Films, Oak 3 Films, Singapore Film Commission, Theatreworks, 72-13, Tzulogical Films, Widescreen Revolutions
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Available
Length: 86 mins

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