Wakil Rakyat

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Wakil Rakyat

Because of carrying out the fatal mistake on the agenda rakernas a big Bagyo party must lose his work. The disaster made his marriage plan with Ani be threatened with being cancelled. What next Abdul, the father Ani indeed did not like him. Bagyo was forced to have to look for the method was best for brought about his dream of being sharp with Ani.

In the middle of the difficulty the other bigger disaster came to strike Bagyo. Money for the cost of his parents of coming applied to Jakarta was stolen by a herd of the criminal. Because of not keeping the repeated Bagyo pressure of becoming dark the eyes. He went to look for people who carried his money off to demand replied.

By chance the criminals were robbing a famous artist named Atika. The action failed because of Bagyo suddenly to emerge and immediately thrashed them through to bruised. Without disengaja the Bagyo action made Atika escape from the danger. The incident then had long consequences.

Bagyo was praised as the hero. He was worshipped-praised because of being regarded as willing to make a sacrifice to rescue Atika that was not powerful. The Bagyo story of courage became the big news. His name at once was the subject of conversation in various national medias and the area.

The Bagyo popularity then was made use of by an upper plank political party to rake in the mass support in the legislative election. Bagyo that fell asleep with his status as the public's figure welcomed the party's offer fully the conviction. He then departed to campaign in Wadasrejo, an area was isolated that his people lived very the lack.

There, Bagyo that did not have the political experience anything experienced the difficulty of attracting attention. Evidently the Wadasrejo community did not know his noose completely. Bagyo must look for the mind to introduce himself and attract the sympathy of villagers terbelakang that.

Evidently Bagyo found the other reality that was more important than fame and the popularity. The village community more knew what most was needed by them. They more appreciated honesty and the sincerity than pompous words that were sold off in a political campaign.

Director: Monty Tiwa
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Tora Sudiro, Revalina S. Temat, Vincent Rompies, Jaja Mihardja, Gading Marten, Dwi Sasono, Wiwid Gunawan, Tessy, Joe P Project, Tarzan, Francine Roosenda, Marwoto, Debby Sahertian, Eron Lebang, Mat Solar, Clara Sinta, Yati Pesek, Harry Pantja, Eddy Karsito

Release Date: April 2, 2009
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Not Available
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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