Meraih Mimpi

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Meraih Mimpi

Dana is forced to follow the patriarchy tradition in her village and also the domination of the landlord who burdens the whole village with an outrageous land tax. In truth, landlord Pairot intends to get rid of the residents in order to build a hotel complex and casino. Dana realizes that by winning a scholarship to continue her education, she can fight against this injustice. With the help of the forest animals and her brother, Rai, Dana not only manages to get the scholarship, but they also find his secret and his true identity.

Producer: Mike Wiluan, Phil Mitchell, Chan Pui Yin, Phillip Stamp
Director: Phil Mitchell
Writer(s): Phillip Stamp
Cast: Gita Gutawa, Patton Idola Cilik, Surya Saputra, Cut Mini, Shanty, Indra Bekti, Uli Herdinansyah, Ria Irawan, Jajang C Noer, Tike Priatnakusumah

Release Date: September 9, 2009
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Kalyana Shira Films, Infinite Frameworks, Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, Scorpio East Pictures, Media Development Authority, Indika Pictures
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Drama, Children, Animation
Rating: Not Available
Length: 78 minutes


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