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Senior Guo (Tsai Chen Nan) is a veteran police officer who lives alone with his dog and does not shed tears over the last 10 years, and experienced enough to teach his juniors on how to obtain confessions through torture. While approaching his 60th birthday, he receives a new assignment.

Guo is required to investigate the death of a young woman due to drug overdose. Initially his supervisors and colleagues had considered the case closed but the stubborn Guo insists with his own instinct to continue working on the case. He believes that an ulterior motive would soon be uncovered.

The first suspect that he meets is the beautiful Lai Chun Chun (Serena Fang), a college student who is the friend of the deceased, whom Guo believes she has few secrets to share about her. He then befriends Xiao Wen (Enno Cheng), a betel nut girl who works along with Hsuan Hsuan (Doris Yeh).

One day Xiao Wen bumps into Guo while he is visiting her sick mother. As Xiao Wen confronts Guo about his relationship with her family, Guo confesses of torturing her late father while he was in police custody. The distraught Xiao Wen then sprays him with a pepper spray as an act of revenge.

However, this does not stop Guo from investigating the case. The deeper Guo investigates for the case the more truth he soon discovers. Can the truth forgive everything? Why is Guo so persistent in this case? What is the relationship between the deceased girl and Lai Chun Chun's younger brother?

Director: Cheng Wen Tang
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Tsai Chen Nan, Enno Cheng, Huang Jian Wei, Serena Fang, Doris Yeh, Mo Zi Yi

Release Date: March 12, 2010
Country: Taiwan
Distributor: Dreamosa Film
Genre: Drama, Crime
Rating: Not Available
Length: 111 mins


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