Martial Spirit

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Martial Spirit

Owodog (Ao Quan) is born into a wealthy family, who is obsessed with kung fu and likes to show off his skills by challenging skillful opponents;

Wang Bo (Zhang Chi) is an orphan who likes to memorize kung fu formulas and turns himself into a kung fu idiot;

Da Wei (Da Zhang Wei) is a good kung fu boaster who hardly make any effort to improve his kung fu skills, but instead prefers to spend his time wooing Miss Wu Guan Da (Theresa Fu Ying) from the martial arts center.

Due to wushu, these three youths from different background gather to enact one comic opera. Can they get along and succeed?

Director: Kou Zhan Wen
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Ao Quan, Theresa Fu Ying, Zhang Chi, Da Zhang Wei, Dang Shan Peng, Jiang Qi Lin

Release Date: March 12, 2010
Country: China
Distributor: Gold Label Entertainment Ltd., Polybona Film Distribution Co. Ltd.
Genre: Action, Martial Arts
Rating: Not Available
Length: 90 mins


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