Ice Kacang Puppy Love

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Ice Kacang Puppy Love

Tronoh town, the state of Perak in the 1980s. Botak (Tan Kheng Seong) is the younger son of a Chinese coffeeshop owner, who has two sons. He is in love with Fighting Fish (Angelica Lee), or her real name Chew An Qi. An Qi is the daughter of a rice noodle seller, Yue Feng (Angela Chan), who rents a stall in the same coffeeshop.

When An Qi was still a small kid her father left her, making her to be bullied by Ma Lin Fan (Gary Chaw) for being fatherless. Her favorite games at that time was playing marbles where she always emerged as the winner. Her favorite food is bowl of mixed iced nuts and she would spend most of her times chatting with Botak.

An Qi has intention to seek her real father one day and always blames her mother for being fatherless. When she grows up as an adult she does not aware that Botak and Lin Fan are having personal crush on her. Botak also writes a love letter and draws a potrait of An Qi, but never have the courage to express his love to her.

Ma Li Bing (Fish Leong), who is the younger sister of Lin Fan also has personal liking for Botak and feels upset when she knows Botak is after An Qi and decides not to give up. One day, Botak accompanies An Qi to look for her father (Eric Moo) in Penang. Her father operates an illegal gambling den and has since remarried.

As An Qi grows up she decides to further her studies in Singapore and Botak decides to express his feeling to her before she departs and he also brings along a packet of iced nuts. Will Botak have the courage to express his feeling to An Qi? What happen to the Ma siblings when they grow up?

Director: Tan Kheng Seong
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Tan Kheng Seong, Angelica Lee, Gary Chaw, Victor Wong, Fish Leong, Eric Moo, Yi Jet Qi, Angela Chan, Danny Chan, Nicholas Teo, Penny Tai

Release Date: April 15, 2010
Country: Malaysia
Distributor: Asia Tropical Films
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Rating: Not Available
Length: 105 mins


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