D' Love

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D' Love

Elmo (Grand Saga) chose to leave her parents' luxurious home after he realized that her father was a corrupter. For a living, Elmo should become a street fighter. Despite his wild life, he never want to quit school. Friends of Elmo, Neina (Rebecca Reijman) knew exactly why Elmo survive in the two-paced world is because Aprilia (Aurelie Mouremans). Elmo and Aprilia has long been attracted to each other, Aprilia's interest to Elmo is only because of the personal problems that are still difficult to accept that her father is a gay man, while Elmo has a different contrast to his father.
Later on, Neina get in trouble from the big secret all this time she hide from her grandmother. For money, Neina who always first rank in her school were forced to go out with a rich uncle by Susan (Shirley S). To help Neina, Elmo asked for favor from Aprilia. The incident was made April and Elmo had a chance to speak from heart to heart. But Aprilia was very disappointed because Elmo surrenderer to gain her love.

Because of Neina, Elmo finally dare to ask Aprilia to join his world and even she become a best friend with Bocor (Rizky Adrianto) who always follow to where Elmo goes. Elmo did not realize that his relationship with Aprilia actually makes Neina jealous  because during the time Neina actually secretly in love with Elmo.

Producer: Helfi Kardit, Fanny Nasry
Director: Helfi Kardit
Writer(s): Amorita D
Cast: Aurelie Moeremans, Rebecca Reijman, Agung Saga, Ahmad Albar, Rizky Adrianto, Shierly Rushworth

Release Date: July 29, 2010
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Bintang Timur Films, Dreamcatcher Pictures
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available

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