Kabayan, Jadi Milyuner

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Kabayan, Jadi Milyuner

The tranquility of a village in West Java, where stands an Islamic cleric As-Salam led Soleh (Slamet Rahardjo), was suddenly disturbed by the presence of a real estate entrepreneur BOSS ROCKY (Christian Sugiono) who wants to buy the school's land to be build resorts. But it was the intention was not carry out with ease because he met with tough opponent he has ever encountered. An oponents are not immune to bribes and persuasion of the most powerful. That person is Ustad Soleh trusted person, a plain but clever young man named .. Kabayan (Jamie Aditya).

Together with his friend ARMASAN (Amink), Kabayan successfully make Boss Rocky confused. But when Boss Rocky realizes that Kabayan is falling in love with his accountant, Iteung (Rianti Cartwright), Boss Rocky found the most effective way to defeat Kabayan. Boss Rocky ordered Iteung to become a spy, deceive Kabayan so he would sign a land purchase agreement with the lure of love. In order to make Iteung could not refuse, Boss Rocky deceive Abah (Didi Petet) and Ambu (Meriam Bellina), in order to participate deceive Kabayan. Boss gave Rocky a promise to iteung parents that he will continue to preserve the natural village and even founded a mosque in the name of Abah.

Because Kabayan sure that Iteung is an angel who revealed God to himself, Kabayan would have signed a letter agreement for the purchase of land, so that the school is sold. Kabayan and all the people were awaiting the arrival of the prospective bride Iteung, in vain. Kabayan was feel embarrassed, determined to go to Jakarta and obtain to get his school and Iteung back. Accompanied Armasan, Kabayan went to Jakarta.

But in the city, Abah and Ambu were already approved the wedding plan between Boss Rocky and Iteung. Abah promised to cancel the wedding and will orderer Boss Rocky to cancel the purchase of boarding schools, with one condition. Kabayan should be able to get 1 billion a week. Kabayan and Armasan had racked his brains. People say that nothing is impossible in Jakarta. And it was true. There are so many wonders found in Kabayan. Now, can they get one billion within a very short time? Kabayan is it true beliefs, if he and Iteung was destined to be married?

Producer: Chand Parvez Servia
Director: Guntur Soeharjanto
Writer(s): Titien Wattimena
Cast: Jamie Aditya, Rianti Cartwright, Amink, Christian Sugiono, Slamet Rahardjo, Didi Petet, Meriam Bellina, Melly Goeslow

Release Date: December 23, 2010
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Starvision
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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