Baik Baik Sayang

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Baik Baik Sayang

The story is about love and solidarity of a boarding school La Tansa children, namely Apoy, Faank, Tom and Ovie. Four young men who have similar interests in music was agreed to form a musical group who later claimed to be the band WALI.

Life at school does not restrict they musical activities. Although La Tansa has rules and strict discipline, one must always communicate in Arabic or English in boarding schools, but schools are very modern and democratic. The students free to do activities in accordance with their respective interests. "Dakwah" can be done in various ways.

There is also a love story between Faank with Westi (Intan Nuraini), full of twists because Westi parents doesn't agree with her relationship. While his parents also refused to let him play music. Faank Faithfulness in love also tested when they have an accident. Later Faank notified that Westi is paralyzed.

Faank faithfulness in love with Westi also had shaky because of the presence of a beautiful religious students Azizah (Arumi Bachsin) and Nurul (Sulis) sweet. Moreover Westi was force to marriage with a rich man named Bagas (Dennis Adhiswara).

Tomi who do not bear to see the fate of his friend, intending to match Faank with one female students. While Apoy the most mature can be jealous at the sight of Aziz looks close with Faank. And the quiet and creative one, Ovie always managed to thwart the provocation by Hamzah (Cecep Reza) who always wanted to disrupt their solidarity.

Director: Somad Sutedja
Writer(s): Jujur Prananto
Cast: Wali Band, Intan Nuraini, Arumi Bachsin, Sulis, Dennis Adhiswara, Didi Petet, Alicia Djohar, Anang, Syahrini

Release Date: January 13, 2011
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Big Pictures
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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