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Morty (Winky Wiryawan) hardworking and ambitious. His dream of building a home with his girlfriend, Nina (Gesata Stella) foundered, because Nina suddenly canceling their wedding. Pressure of work coupled with romance problems and also bickering father and mother that never ends make Morty experienced severe insomnia. Morty anxiety mounting on those nights that reminds endless dark past with the closest people. Cats swamp.

Cats swamp
Ayin (Aline Adita), a beautiful woman whose family lineage Fortress wealthy Chinese in Tangerang. Surrounded by close friends, life Ayin never out of debauchery and drunkenness. On the night of his birthday Ayin met with Welly (Natalius Chendana), innocent young deaf-mute who had just come from the village. The meeting of two men with backgrounds that turned out to change their way of life and gives meaning love they never knew before. 

Crime in a mega city being-so. Rape is a scourge. Many self-styled police seek profits in the dark of night. And corruption is rampant up to high levels. Ali Ferzat, clean politician determined to dismantle the most horrendous corruption scandals in the country. But he does not know who the real friends and enemies.

Producer: Sendi Sugiharto
Director: William Chandra, Witra Asliga, Andri Cung
Writer(s): Haqi Achmad, Bernard Batubara
Cast: Winky Wiryawan, Gesatta Stella, Aline Adita, Hannah Al Rashid, Dimas Argoebie, Joko Anwar, Natalius Chendana

Release Date: January 31, 2013
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: PT Graha Visual Nusantara, EC Entertainment, Avatara88
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Rating: Not Available
Length: 93 minutes


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