Jack and Jill vs. the World

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Jack and Jill vs. the World
Jack (Freddie Prinze, Jr) is a thirty-something advertising exec in New York City, living a life forged from routine. He is successful and stylish... and entirely bored - until he meets Jill (Taryn Manning). In her twenties, fiery and adorable, Jill enters Jack's life like a hurricane. They meet and instantly connect, launching into a romance. Together they write a Manifesto of Rules To Live By, beginning with Rule 1 ? Be Honest. But after too many instances of Jill's disappearing, Jack forces Jill to reveal her secret.

Director: Vanessa Parise
Writer(s): Peter Stebbings, Vanessa Parise
Cast: Freddie Prinze Jr., Taryn Manning, Mark Forster, Vanessa Parise, Kelly Rowan, Peter Stebbings

Release Date: April 4, 2008
Official Site: JackAndJillVSTheWorld.com
Distributor: Not Available
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Rating: Not Available

Keyword : Taryn Manning, Comedy, Not Available, Vanessa, JR, Ant, Jr., Ate, Ex, Out, Pet, Red, Romance, Secret, Tron, W., Bi, Aris, Cas, Ron, Arin

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