Waltzing Anna

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Waltzing Anna
?Waltzing Anna,? the story of an unscrupulous doctor's change of heart, is set to be released in select cities nationwide on August 11th, 2006. The film stars Robert Capelli Jr. (?Mail Order Bride?) as Dr. Charlie Keegan, a partner in a New York City medical practice that thrives on the bureaucracy of the insurance system and naivet? of its elderly patients. Charlie's lawyer, played by Artie Lange (?Howard Stern,? ?Mad TV?), is unable to prevent the medical board from reprimanding him. For six months, he is forced to work in an upstate nursing home- Shady Pines. Charlie wanted to do his time and get out. Instead, his new patients and an unexpected romance with the compassionate nurse Jill, played by Emmanuelle Chriqui (?In the Mix?), transform him into a sympathetic man who fights for the care and protection of the people he once neglected. With memorable performances by Pat Hingle (?Batman,? ?Splendor in the Grass,? ?Norma Rae?) and Betsy Palmer (?Friday the 13th?) as the lovable Mo and Anna, ?Waltzing Anna? is sure to capture the hearts of moviegoers across the country. Rounding out the casts are Grant Shaud (?Murphy Brown?), Paige Turco, Casey Siemaszko and several more familiar faces.

Release Date: August 11, 2006
Director: Giongrete Bollinger, Doug Bollinger
Writer: Doug Bollinger, Robert Capelli Jr., Guy Shockley
Staring: Robert Capelli Jr., Emmanuelle Chriqui, Pat Hingle, Betsy Palmer, Grant Shaud, Paige Turco, Artie Lange, Marilyn Chris, Ed Jewett, Jason Kravits, Adam LeFevre, Marcella Lowery, Mackenzie Milone, Gordana Rashovich, Armando Riesco, Casey Siemaszko, Shelby Y
Studio: Kindred Media Group
Website: Waltzing Anna

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