Young Black Stallion

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Young Black Stallion
(Buena Vista Home Entertainment)

In the Disney tradition of bringing beloved family classics to vivid life, Walt Disney Home Entertainment presents the exciting adventure The Young Black Stallion. This exciting, uplifting film comes from the creators of the award-winning children's classic movie "the Black Stallion" that captured the hearts of millions, a spectacular family story filled with heartwarming messages of friendship and loyalty.

On both Disney DVD and video, the movie experience has been extended through the addition of 20 minutes of all-new exclusive programming. Discover for the first time ever the backstory of what happened before The Young Black Stallion, created exclusively for this holiday release. It's an all-new adventure of how the mother and the father of The Young Black Stallion met. On Disney DVD the bonus features take viewers even further into the world of this entertaining and heartfelt film. Viewers will discover the making-of featurettes "Taming the Stallions", a look at the film's horses, an illustrated Big Black Horse Read-Along & Read To Me program, "Finding Biana" Featurette, "Shooting In Namibia", "Building the Casbah", and "A Story In Imax?".

Features: All-New Prequel Created by the Original Filmmakers, "Taming the Stallion" Featurette, Big Black Horse Read-Along, "Finding Biana" Featurette, Shooting in Namibia, Building the Casbah, A Story in IMAX
Video: Widescreen (1.78:1), Fullscreen (1.33:1)
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, French and Spanish Language Tracks
Subtitles: French, Closed-Captioned

Release Date: December 21, 2004
Genre: On DVD
Rating: G
Length: 51 mins.

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