Habibie & Ainun

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Habibie & Ainun

This is a story about what happens when you find your sweetheart. The story of first love and last love. The story of the third President of Indonesia and the lady. The story of Habibie and Ainun.

Rudy Habibie a genius an aircraft expert who has a big dream: devote to the Indonesian people by making flying "trucks" to unify Indonesia. While Ainun was a smart young doctor with a wide open career path for her.

In 1962, two junior colleagues friends met again in Bandung. Habibie fell in love with her instantly, Ainun to him is a sweet sugar. But Ainun, she did not just fall in love, her faith in the Habibie's vision and dream . They got married and flew to Germany.

Have dreams will never be easy. Habibie and Ainun knew it. Their love wakes up in ajourney to realize the dream. The cold snow in German, sacrifice, pain, loneliness and temptations of wealth and power as they return to Indonesia accompany the journey of two lives into one.

For Habibie, Ainun is everything. Ainun are eyes to see her life. For Ainun Habibie is everything, filling love in his life. But every story has a end, every dream has a limit. Then at one point, two soul mates realized; Are their love will last forever?

Producer: Dhamoo Punjabi, Manoj Punjabi
Director: Faozan Rizal
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Reza Rahadian, Bunga Citra Lestari

Release Date: December 20, 2012
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: MD Pictures
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available

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