Qabil Khushry Qabil Igam

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Qabil Khushry Qabil Igam
?Qabil Khushry Qabil Igam? is a Malaysian movie about two non-identical twins. Khushry (Hans Issac) and Igam (Rusdi Ramli) are twin brothers. They share joy and sad moment together. They plan to marry two sisters Rani and Kharisma but terrible things happen before their wedding and Igam has to spend 3 years time in rehab.

Release Date: Feb 8,2007

Director: Zaili Sulan

Cast: Rahim Razali, Hans Issac, Rusdi Ramli, Erra Fazira, Ziana Zain

Studio: Grand Brilliance

Runtime: 125 mins

Keyword : 12, Ate, Brilliance, Brothers, Out, Qabil Khushry Qabil Igam, Run, SIS, Wedding, Grand, Grand Brilliance, Bi, Aris, Cas, Rani

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