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"Take" occurs over two days ? one day in the present and one day in the past. In the present, Ana drives through the desert to witness the execution of the man who has dominated her life for the past seven years, the man she has never spoken to. Saul, with his priest, waits out the final hours of his life. Each must grapple with what their lives have become since the day their paths crossed so many years ago.

In the past, Ana discovers that her seven-year old son, Jesse, has been kicked out of school. Unless she can find a night shift and home-school him, she will be forced to put Jesse in Special Ed. Determined to save him from being lost in a world where he doesn't belong, Ana attempts to restore order to their lives.

On that same day, Saul is in a desperate fight against time to pay off his gambling debt and care for his ailing father. Forced to take on a precarious assignment for quick cash, he is faced with one struggle after another until he finds himself staring down a fateful moment of decision.

When Ana and Saul cross paths, it only takes an instant for their lives to be tragically connected. It is not until the present day, when Ana arrives at the prison to face the man who destroyed her life, that both Ana and Saul discover who they are and how far the soul will go to survive.

Director: Charles Oliver
Writer(s): Charles Oliver
Cast: Minnie Driver, Jeremy Renner, Adam Rodriguez, Bobby Coleman, David Denman

Release Date: July 18, 2008
Official Site: TakeTheMovie.com
Distributor: Not Available
Genre: Drama
Rating: Rated R for some violent content with intense emotional impact.

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