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In this re-imagining of the magical 1960s sitcom, Will Ferrell plays Jack Wyatt, a difficult Hollywood star who tries to have a career comeback by playing Darrin Stephens in a big-screen version of the classic TV series. When Jack sees the beautiful Isabel Bigelow, played by Nicole Kidman, he thinks that she'd be right for the part of his on-screen wife, Samantha. What he doesn't know is that Isabel really is a witch, which actually makes her a perfect casting choice for the role. Isabel's father Nigel (Michael Caine) is concerned by his daughter's interest in the mortal world, until he's distracted by Iris Smythson (Shirley MacLaine), the movie star who'll be playing Samantha's mother Endora in the film.

Director: Nora Ephron
Writer(s): Nora Ephron, Delia Ephron, Adam McKay
Cast: Nicole Kidman, Will Ferrell, Shirley MacLaine, Michael Caine, Kristin Chenoweth, Jason Schwartzman, Joan Plowright, Todd Stashwick, Jim Turner, Jarrad Paul, Heather Burns

Release Date: June 24, 2005
Official Site:
Distributor: Columbia Pictures
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Rating: Rated PG-13 for some language, including sex and drug references, and partial nudity.

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