A Hole in One

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A Hole in One
Set in small-town America circa 1953, A Hole in One is a romantic drama starring Michelle Williams as Anna, a young woman whose desire for piece of mind leads her to covet its latest fashion -- transorbital lobotomy. Raised in a pre-feminist era where women are not expected to think for themselves, Anna is scooped up by Billy (Meat Loaf), a small time gangster, when she is just barely old enough to be considered a woman. Anna looks for a way to relieve her pain, yearning for fulfillment, clarity and calm as madness flickers around the edges of her life. She thinks she finds a panacea in the pages of Life Magazine, in an article on the latest techniques in brain surgery.

In the meantime, Dr. Harold Ashton (Bill Raymond), a renowned neurologist, comes to town and becomes a celebrity as he performs the new transorbital lobotomy on adolescents, alcoholics, veterans an other troubled types. Eventually, Anna is caught between Billy and Tom (Tim Guinee), a kind Korean War vet on Billy's payroll. Anna meets Tom on the day she is to see Dr. Ashton for her lobotomy, but will it be too late? Will it be possible for Anna to ever be truly happy?

Director: Richard Ledes
Writer(s): Richard Ledes
Cast: Michelle Williams, Meat Loaf Aday, Tim Guinee, Bill Raymond

Release Date: May 6, 2005
Official Site: A Hole in One
Distributor: Beech Hill Films
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Available


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