Real Men Cry

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Hawke and Ruffalo play Paulie and Brian, childhood friends who are forced to survive on the tough streets of South Boston through a life of petty thievery. They join a local gang of criminals, but Brian finds it hard to reconcile his work and friendship with Paulie and his relationship with his wife (Amanda Peet) and son.

Director: Brian Goodman
Writer(s): Brian Goodman
Cast: Mark Ruffalo, Ethan Hawke, Amanda Peet

Release Date: To Be Announced
Official Site: Not Available
Distributor: Yari Film Group
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Available

Keyword : Amanda Peet, Drama, Not Available, Ethan Hawke, Mark Ruffalo, Ate, Criminal, Friendship, Good, Out, Paul, Pet, RV, Up, FILM, Cas

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