Made for Each Other

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Christopher Masterson star as a man who, three months into a sexless marriage, cracks and has a one-night stand. He decides the only just way to rectify his mistake is to get his wife (Phillips) to cheat on him. With the help of his best friend (Levine), he sets out to find the right man (Warburton) to bed the missus. Danny Masterson will play an attorney waiting to handle what he figures is a sure-fire divorce.

Director: Daryl Goldberg

Writer(s): Eric Lord

Cast: Christopher Masterson, Bijou Phillips, Sam Levine, Patrick Warburton, Danny Masterson, George Segal

Release Date: To Be Announced

Official Site: Not Available

Distributor: Not Available

Genre: Comedy

Rating: Not Available

Keyword : Comedy, Not Available, Ate, Ex, Out, Rick, Take, War, Will, Bi, Eric, M., Cas

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