Basic Instinct 2

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Basic Instinct 2
Review (4.5/10)
(By Sean Cullin)

Basic Instinct 2 is the type of movie that you'll see in the news come Oscar time...when the Razzie Awards are mentioned. The forced plot and laugh-out-loud dialogue guarantee this flick will be lumped in with the likes of Catwoman and Battlefield Earth.

The sequel to the 1992 hit finds our heroine Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) now living in London, England. The movie opens with her speeding in her car, being fingered by a soccer star and subsequently driving into the river (where she escapes but he drowns) and she is fingered for his murder. The police shrink, Dr. Michael Glass, identifies her as having a "risk addiction", meaning she keeps pushing the envelope in life until she's dead. After a technicality frees her, Catherine approaches Dr. Glass to take her on as a patient. Despite his better professional judgement, he agrees (presumably because of the hard-on he has for her) and begins to become obsessed with her. As more murders ensue, involving people in Dr. Glass's life, a game of seduction between him and Catherine is set off leading to the mystery as to who is committing the murders and who will be next.

Now I will admit that I was interested in how the mystery would turn out. I felt like I was into it, despite the weak dialogue (people in the theatre were laughing out loud, annoyingly I might add), and despite the movie trying overly hard to have shock value (among the things mentioned or shown include orgies, female orgasms, male orgasms, sexual asphyxiation). But the payoff wasn't there at the end. I just felt very unsatisfied with how the movie wrapped up (or didn't wrap up).

As for Sharon Stone, damn she looked good for a woman in her mid 40s. Really great body, really nice fake tits but no money shot below the belt this time around (sorry fellas). Her plastic surgeon should be mentioned in the credits for that great work.

I read online that Sharon Stone was guaranteed $13+ million for Basic Instinct 2 whether it actually got made or not. That really seems to come through on the screen. I felt as though the movie was made just for the sake of getting it out there and recouping a bit of cash, rather than caring about the product that was being put out.

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