Nacho Libre

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Nacho Libre
Review (4.5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Nacho Libre stars Jack Black as a chubby priest with an affinity for wrestling and nachos. As a young orphan, he often dreamed of becoming a wrestler and now years later, with his monestary facing a crisis, he secretly dawns his spandex pants, red cape and mask and, along with his trusty and skinny sidekick, takes to the squared ring to try to conquer the world of wrestling and save his starving orphans. What follows is plenty of flying elbows, some quirky smiles, the unsexiest wrestler since Mankind hit the ring, a man of the cloth trying to win the love of a nun and plenty of other odd and unsacred situations - not to mention having to watch a half-naked Jack Black for almost the entire 90 minute running time of the movie.

Much like Napolean Dynamite, Nacho Libre is a movie that requires an acquired taste. An acquired taste that I don't think I have personally acquired as of this time. There are moments I laughed. Probably not even a full laugh but more of a chuckle. I appreciated the fact that the movie tried to do something different and in this day and age, we don't see too much "different" come out of Hollywood. I liked a couple of the musical interludes. I liked Jack Black and his quirky body movements and his fake Mexican accent. But in terms of laughs, I think for the most part I have a sense of humour comparable to that of a 12-year old kid and still, I found a lot of scenes where the rest of the audience was laughing and the so-called humour was going right over my head. Or maybe I am right and this movie was not funny at all. Is smearing cow manure all over someone's face funny? Was Nacho's incessant and ill-timed farting supposed to crack us up? Is eating toast that crunches loudly in your mouth supposed to be amusing? Absurd is more like it. The audience clapped at the end of the screening I attended. Like I said earlier, an acquired taste.

I guess what I got out of Nacho Libre is that this movie is not for everyone. The movie seemed to rely on oddball situations and Jack Black's bare belly for way too many laughs. I am sure fans of director Jared Hess's first movie, Napoleon Dynamite, will appreciate his efforts in this second masterpiece. It is sure to reach the same iconic status. Personally, I laughed a few times but if I never saw this movie to begin with and never see it again, I will still die a happy man. It's definitely not a life-changing experience.

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