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Review (4/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

During Colin Farrell's obscenity-laced appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, I heard him compare acting to "chasing something you'll never catch" and that he feels he is "never happy" with the end product. Looks like Colin is still chasing. And he must not be happy. Because after what I saw in the theatre a week ago, there is not going to be too many happy people with his latest project. S.W.A.T. was boring. And watching Colin painfully promote this movie, you could almost tell he knows it. In fact, when someone suggested the movie was one of the summer's big action movies, Farrell himself downgraded the movie to nothing more than your average popcorn flick. Not a very convincing plug from the movie's biggest star. I saw him on Leno. I saw him on Letterman. Colin was not a happy person.

In S.W.A.T., Farrell plays Jim Street, a former member of a S.W.A.T. team who was demoted for reckless behavior. A new team is being formed by the tough as nails commander, Lieutenant "Hondo" (Samuel Jackson) and Street is recruited to join Michelle Rodriguez, LL Cool J and a couple of other dudes. After spending nearly half the movie training the new recruits, the team is assigned to transfer an international thug (Olivier Martinez) to a federal prison (but not before they're asked to take down a gun-wielding Polish guy, which they do in a scene that has about as much excitement as the movie The Mirror Has Two Faces). The problem is that the thug, much like Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers' movies, has offered anyone in the world a large sum of money if they break him out of prison. He offers $100 million. Dr. Evil tried to bribe the U.S. government for $1 million and still, that was more believable.

I'm not too sure why S.W.A.T. didn't quite do it for me. I like Colin Farrell. I like Sam Jackson. Unfortunately, they are both on terrible streaks when it comes to movies. Jackson with xXx, Basic and Changing Lanes. Farrell with almost everything he has made besides Tigerland (because I have never seen it) and Minority Report. Maybe that's why Farrell has been such an angry young man on the talk show circuit as of late. Maybe I didn't like the movie because of Olivier Martinez. Is it possible that I am still bitter at him because he played such a slimy weasel in Unfaithful?

Usually Jackson can carry a movie. He drops a couple of "mother fuckers" here and a "fuck you" there and we forget about anything that might be going on in the entire movie. Sometimes Farrell has enough charm to at least make you like a movie a little bit. Neither of them could do anything to save S.W.A.T. In fact, both of these guys seemed to mail in their performances with this one. The movie is basically an opening scene shootout that is okay; a big, long boring training session capped off by an unexciting test involving a mock airliner hijacking; a supposed romance that goes nowhere and God only knows why it is even in the movie; and the transportation of the "Frech Brad Pitt" (whatever, you weasel) to a jail that is more Hollywood than the latest episode of WWE wrestling. There are no memorable lines, no memorable scenes or no memorable characters. It doesn't bother me to sit through a mindless action flick. I liked 2 Fast 2 Furious. I thought Bad Boys 2 was okay. S.W.A.T. is not nearly as entertaining as either of these movie. It's plain and simple. S.W.A.T. is B.A.D.

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