You, Me and Dupree

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You, Me and Dupree
Review (5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

You, Me and Dupree is one of those movies that is a great idea on paper but the idea never really translates onto the screen. The movie features an all-star cast - Owen Wilson (the star of last year's hit The Wedding Crashers), Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson (both Academy Award nominees) and Seth Rogan (the mild-mannered funnyman from The 40-Year Old Virgin).

It's a great story. A newly married couple (Dillon and Hudson) moves into a new house (strangely enough, the new house only has one bedroom) and the husband's free-spirited best man and best friend Dupree (Wilson) shows up with no job, no apartment, no car, a stuffed moose head, a bean bag couch and a penchant for the song "Funky Cold Medina" and he asks for a place to sleep for a few days so he can get back on his feet. That's when all hell breaks loose. He changes the answering machine, orders HBO, floods the toilet, pinches a loaf in the newlyweds private bathroom just moments before they are about to do the funky cold medina (hmmmm, two bathrooms yet only one bedroom), sleeps in the nude, exposes his buddy's hidden porn collection and pulls the old "tie on the door, women in the bed" college trick. There are just so many shenanigans going on, yet in the end, not very many laughs.

Yeah, Dupree does have a handful of genuinely funny moments, but I found those moments few and far between and it got to the point where the audience seemed desperate for laughs. Hell, there's even a scene where an odd-looking school bus scoots across the screen and half the audience erupted with hysterical laughter, only to find out that the scene wasn't really supposed to be all that funny... The laughter fizzled, just like most of the movie.

Every time the criminally underused Seth Rogan was on screen, you just waited for the funny, hilarious, 40-Year Old Virgin moment, but it just never came. He was pretty much relegated to the role of complaining about his wife and falling down in the background of a scene (mind you he was trying to make off with the porn collection and that was rather humourous). In fact, I found for almost the entire movie, I was waiting for that big laugh-uncontrollably-out-loud moment but it just did not happen. Mind you, I did like the last 15 or 20 minutes of the movie (I was probably swayed by a cool Coldplay song) and there is a scenario with Dupree being chased around a building by a Samoan security guard that is quite comical but it all just seemed to come too late.

There's even a whole sub-plot with Dillon's character and his father-in-law (Michael Douglas) and him trying to convince his son-in-law to get a vasectomy and hypenate his last name (instead of the wife doing it) that really was just a waste of ink writing these scenes on the pages of the movie's script. The movie is sprinkled with odd plot decisions like that. Why did we never see Dupree's girlfriend's face? Why was Kate Hudson's character pretty much the only woman to appear in the entire movie? (There is a brief scene with two strippers and another with a secretary but other than that, I found it odd that there were basically no women in the movie?) We'll never know.

It just seems like You, Me and Dupree has too many moments where we are waiting for the big punchline or wanting for the big laugh and too often, neither happens. The movie isn't a total write-off but if you were like me and expecting the 2006 version of The Wedding Crashers or The 40-Year Old Virgin, I suggest you keep looking because this movie is neither.

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