Band Baaja Baaraat

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Band Baaja Baaraat

Review (6/10)
(By Aparajita Ghosh)

Yashraj Films’ latest outing Band Baaja Baaraat could not have come at a more appropriate time. The wedding season is at its peak and I’m sure many of you must be ironing your glad rags to attend one. But hey! how many of these weddings have proper planners who decide everything from the type of the marquee to the design of mandap? As a character in the film dismissively says, “maama chacha milkar kar lete hain planning”, what good are the wedding planners for? A lot, if they are like the ones in Band Baaja Baaraat.

Must say I had my doubts before stepping in the theatre to watch this flick. Many reasons to feel so. With a title like Band Baaja Baaraat coming from a banner like YRF, I expected a story soaked in drippy romance and lavish weddings. Secondly, the movie looked like a copy of the Hollywood film The Wedding Planner. Thirdly, Anushka Sharma, the leading lady, hasn’t been able to impress much in her previous two outings and the absence of any big star opposite her was sure a downer. As it turned out, I was proved wrong on all counts.

Firstly, the emotions portrayed in Band Baaja Baarat aren’t mawkish. Secondly, the film’s a world apart from The Wedding Planner. Thirdly, Anushka comes into her own with this film, and the newcomer Ranveer Singh makes a laudable debut. The laddie is so comfortable before the camera as if he’s been in the industry ever since he stepped out of his diapers. But more than anything it’s the love-hate chemistry between Anushka and Ranveer that makes you happily sit through the movie. It’s hard to believe that something romantic did not brew between them while they were shooting the film. A perfect match, they make!

Set in the middle-class localities of Delhi, the film tells the story of Shruti (Anushka) and Bittoo (Ranveer). In the final year of their college, both are poles apart with regard to their goals in life. While he just bums around and whiles away his time with his buddies, she has a clear-cut plan to be the country’s best wedding planner. After much persuasion by Bittoo, Shruti takes him as a bijness partner, but lays down the first rule: no mixing of business with romance. Thereby starts their wedding planning company Shaadi Mubarak.

From the opening reel itself, debutant director Maneesh Sharma sets about not just introducing the characters but also convincingly creating the backdrop of West Delhi against which the story unfolds - the Metro, the low-floor buses, the roadside chai stalls, the campus. Equal credit goes to the dialogue and screenplay writer Habib Faisal (who recently directed the little gem Do Dooni Chaar), for creating the characters so well and giving them the dialogues and lingo that’s straight out of the Delhi streets.

The film reaches a high point just before the interval, with an unexpected twist. Must admit that the second half drags a bit as Bittoo and Shruti go their separate ways and the wedding sequences stretches on painfully, but the climax more than makes up for it.

With some foot-tapping songs, eye-appealing cinematography, and good performances, Band Baaja Baaraat is surely worth a watch.


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