Bad Boys II

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Bad Boys II
Review (7.5/10)
(By Takato Yamashita)

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

The sequel to the 1995 hit, the "Bad Boys", Will Smith as Mike Lowrey and Martin Lawrence as Marcus Burnett answer that question not with words but with righteous fury and anger. And what I mean by righteous fury is blowing the crap up out of everything. The opening sequence pretty much tells the audience what they should expect from this movie. For not only does Michael Bay direct the movie, but you see two lightning bolts strike a tree, which is the symbol of the producing team of Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. Don Simpson, may he rest in peace, was if anything the more action-oriented of this explosive duo.

So given that these three gentlemen were associated with this movie, I expected a minimum of 10 exploding cars, one other large object used as a projectile, 5 women in thong bikinis and at least one famous 180 degree, from the bottom, actors looking off into the distance, Michael Bay money shot. After seeing this movie I must say I was wrong. I totally underestimated the three. There were at least 50 cars, one $60 million mansion being blown to kingdom come, a Cuban ghetto being trashed, cadavers flying everywhere, numerous lovely lasses and two Michael Bay money shots.

The story, or whatever semblance there exists thereof, revolves around a smuggling operation of millions of dollars worth of Ecstasy by a Cuban drug lord. Our two heroes, part of a group called TNT (tactical narcotics team), are out to find out who is flooding the streets of Miami with this stuff. All the time the two are trying to resolve issues that have created tension between them. In other words, pretty much your average Bay/Simpson/Bruckheimer collaboration. While the flow of the story is good the opinion seems to be why let a small thing like a decent narrative get in the way of blowing things up?

To put it more precisely, why let story, acting, plausibility, laws of physics, police financing or sensitive eardrums get in the way of what they do best: blow things up. And blow things up they do. This has to be one of the most destructive films to come out of Hollywood in the last 5 years. With an almost childlike glee the three set about getting in as much mayhem as you can possibly get into 2 hours and 20 minutes of film. There probably aren't enough adjectives to describe the level of destruction they initiated on the screen.

In fact, the use of Ecstasy as the drug of choice might be an appropriate choice. For if the supposed mind numbing, sensory assaulting, over heating effects of Ecstasy are true, then this movie might very well be the visual equivalent of the drug. It might even be the extra-strength version. The violence was so far over the top, I actually began to laugh at the relative absurdity of what I was being treated to on the screen. And in between those explosions was some pretty good chemistry between the two actors. After the first twenty minutes of some forced dialogue, they began to mesh and the dynamic between the two really started to come out. That or my mind was beginning to go numb with all the explosions.

Either way, it was almost refreshing to see that much unapologetic violence on the big screen. Whereas movies today try to limit their violence in fear of alienating the general public, this movie was almost jumping at the chance to go R rated. I guess their take was that if your gonna go R might as well go R all the way.

As a word of warning if you are into foreign films with sub-titles or looking for an Oscar winning performance from one of its actors, do NOT go see this movie. To you it will be one of the most offensive movies to assault your sensibilities in a long time. In fact, you may very well question the state of humanity with stuff like this being allowed to be thought of, let alone created. My suggestion is to go watch a Fellini film instead; it'll be better for your state of mind. On the other hand, for those who don't mind watching these sensory overloading, guns blazing, bodies flying everywhere, summer blockbusters, go see this movie. You'll get your money's worth from the pyrotechnics if nothing else.


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