Early Reviews For "Hancock," "Indy"

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Early Reviews For
An exhibitor screening for the new "Indiana Jones" and a test screening for "Hancock" took place earlier this week in California and some not particularly stellar reviews have begun to leak online over at AICN.

US exhibitors got to see 'Crystal Skull' and two reviews on the site aren't pans per se, but certainly down on the film.

One review says "It's all about trying to recapture lightning in a bottle. Nothing about this film stands on its own ? it's constantly leaning on the past, hoping we don't notice that it doesn't bring anything new to the franchise... The entire audience at the screening was holding its collective breath, waiting for the breakthrough moment that would signal Indy's triumphant return to the top of the Geek Heap, and that moment never really comes. But that's not to say it's a bad movie. It's just an unnecessary one."

Another review says "This is the Indiana Movie that you were dreading. I remember seeing the two trailers and though I was excited to see the old man in action again, I was kind of worried that they seemed to be missing 'something'. That something was tension. During the whole of the movie, there was not a single moment that I thought our hero Mr. Jones was in any sort of peril or even significant inconvenience. In most cases, you were so many steps ahead of the characters that it was really just an arduous wait for them to get through it."

More positive is this review which says "I'd put KOTCS in line more with the two sequels - which is by far not a bad thing. I am not surprised that I had this reaction, nor could I think of any way KOTCS could be improved to EVER stand along side Raiders. Now, people will be mixed on this, though I have a hard time seeing how anyone could say it's actually a BAD film. Some may not like it for whatever personal reason, but that Spielberg magic is still there. It feels like the Spielberg we know and love."

As for "Hancock", the first round of mixed to negative reviews a while back has been followed up by a scathing report from 'Marlowe' who says "I think Will Smith is an entertaning actor but this film, as is, does not work. Hence, the panic I was reading on the executives faces after the screening. This film is not as dark as it thinks it is and not as funny as it thinks it is. It's right down the middle and that's a dangerous place to be."

Amongst the highlights of the review is a description of the film's most risque scene (BIG SPOILERS AHEAD) - "[Hancock] is approached by a gorgeous African American girl who comes onto him hard core. Hancock brings her back to his lair - two nasty, dilapidated motor homes that were stuck together and Hancock precedes to show her his... well, you're not gonna believe this part but he tells the chick that she has to get away from him when he's about to blow his load (the actual quote was "when I climb the mountain")... and then we cut to the exterior shot of the two motor homes rocking like crazy. Then we cut back inside and the girl flies across the room. Then three large baseball-sized holes are poked through the ceiling of the motor home like gunshots. Yup, this is a first in cinematic history. We get to see the results of super-ejaculate."

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