70 Mins More New "Hulk" On DVD

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70 Mins More New
A few days back, "The Incredible Hulk" director Louis Leterrier admitted that the initial rough cut of the film (the assembly), the one that he and Edward Norton had their apparent dispute over, ran at about three hours.

Of course the final film is much shorter than that, a breezy 106 minutes, which has resulted in some mixed early reviews and complaints of it being truncated. Letterier has also previously stated that he does not intended to do an alternate or 'extended' cut of the film either.

Now in an interview with Collider, he reveals that he intends for the eventual Blu-ray and DVD release film to contain all that cut footage - a total of 70 minutes of footage not included in the final theatrical cut including two scenes shown in the trailers that definitely didn't make the final version of the film.

One of those scenes includes the Captain America cameo says Judao. Whilst the serum is mentioned frequently throughout the film, the crew shot a whole quite dark sequence where Bruce Banner travels to the Arctic Circle and meets up with Captain America.

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