Early 2012 Script Details

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Early 2012 Script Details
Latino Review has posted up an in-depth, spoiler-filled look at the storyline for Roland Emmerich's $200 million top-secret "2012" project.

We know its an epic about an apocalypse coinciding with the end of the Mayan calendar. Now its been revealed that the cause seems to be severe storms on the surface of the sun have a grave effect on Earth.

Events of the film start in 2009 and move through to 2012 with much of the world's elite power players weathering the disaster in specially-built ships. Disasters seen in the film include earthquakes, tsunamis, dust clouds and Yellowstone's supervolcano erupting.

The reviewer is not kind - "This is an almost completely by-the-numbers disaster movie, featuring all the requisite dubious science, silly and implausible set-pieces, narrative clich?s, broad, one-dimensional characters, and heavy handed attempts at emotion and morals that one would expect from the genre...there is really no aspect of this film that we haven't already seen in dozens of other action, sci-fi, and disaster blockbusters. It is so steeped in predictability, ridiculousness, and clich? that it borders on self-parody."

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