Wall-E, Wanted Do Big Box-Office

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Wall-E, Wanted Do Big Box-Office
Pixar ruled yet again with "Wall-E" opening this weekend in the top spot with a $62.5 million opening weekend - the third biggest for the company behind "The Incredibles" at $70.5M and "Finding Nemo" at $70.2M, and the second biggest June opening of all time. The film also scored stellar reviews all across the board with a 97% & 8.6/10 score at Rotten Tomatoes along with a 93 & 9.1/10 score at Metacritic.

Also doing surprisingly strong business was "Wanted". The ultra-violent action thriller exceeded all expectations with a stellar $51.1 million weekend - making it the sixth highest R-rated film opening of all time. The film also did pretty good on the review front with a 73% and 6.7/10 score on RT and a 64% and 7.6/10 score on Meta. The numbers practically greenlight a sequel almost immediately.

"Get Smart" held steady with a very respectable 45% drop to $21 million in its second weekend, "The Love Guru" wasn't so lucky as it plummeted 61% to a $5.4M haul. The Mike Myers comedy is looking unlikely to crack the $50 million mark. "The Happening" had the biggest fall of the Top Ten (-63%), followed by Guru and then 'Hulk' (-58%) which on Day 17 has fallen behind its predecessor ($117m to $115.5m). "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" will have crossed the $300 million mark by the time you read this.

Next week only one new release - the already heavily panned but critic proof Will Smith hero actioneer "Hancock".

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