R.I.P. Bernie Mac

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R.I.P. Bernie Mac

Chicago-born comedian turned popular Hollywood funnyman Bernie Mac died of complications from pneumonia yesterday, aged 50.

Real name Bernard Jeffrey McCullough, the Chicago-born actor was admitted to hospital on August 1st and had reportedly been responding well to treatment, which is why many are still in shock at this sudden change of events.

Mac made his debut in 1992's "Mo' Money" as a club doorman and appeared in a variety of very popular 90's comedies like "Friday" and "Booty Call" along with the odd dog like "B*A*P*S". It was his work with "The Original Kings of Comedy" in 2000 and then a key role a year later in "Ocean's Eleven" that brought him international stardom.

After that came roles in the likes of cult comedy "Bad Santa", the "Charlie's Angels" sequel, a hilarious cameo in "Transformers", and starring roles in films like "Guess Who," "Mr. 3000" and his own small screen series "The Bernie Mac Show". Mac recently wrapped work on the John Travolta/Robin Williams comedy "Old Dogs" and co-starred with Samuel L. Jackson in the comedy musical "Soul Men".

To his family and friends, our sincerest condolences go out to you. Bernie, your brashness and fire are already missed - farewell dear sir.

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