B.P.R.D. Film Before Hellboy 3?

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B.P.R.D. Film Before Hellboy 3?

With "Hellboy" director Guillermo del Toro tied up in New Zealand for the next few years with work on "The Hobbit", the acclaimed helmer admits that a third adventure of the big red one is likely to be a while off.

"We’re three, four years away from anything happening—so I don’t think anyone is, you know, in a big hurry" he tells MTV News

What he has done however is apparently give his blessing for another filmmaker to take the director’s chair for a potential “B.P.R.D.” spinoff while he is occupied elsewhere.

In the comics, "B.P.R.D." began after Hellboy decided to officially leave the bureau and follows the remaining members like fishman Abe Sapien, pyrokinetic Liz Sherman, the ectoplasmic physical medium Johan Krauss, the homonculus Roger, and the heavily scarred Army Captain Ben Daimio. Together they take on a plague of demonic frogs amongst other supernatural shenanigans.

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