Q, Signals, Hardware Script Deals

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Q, Signals, Hardware Script Deals

The Hollywood Reporter says, A lot of script deals have gone down this past week. The late scribe A.J. Carothers ("The Secret of My Success," "Never a Dull Moment") has found three of his works being picked up by Producer David Foster - "Fancy Hardware," "Ghost of a Chance" and the treatment "After Paris".

"Fancy Hardware" concerns a womanizing salesman in the 1930s and was previously setup in the early 70's as a Steve McQueen vehicle. "Ghost of a Chance" follows a young female memorabilia collector who attends an old movie queen's auction and encounters the ghost of her dead boyfriend. "After Paris" follows an American private eye in Paris hired by a billionaire to tail his cheating wife.

Starz Media Animation has picked up "Toy Story" and "Cheaper by the Dozen" scribes Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen's original screenplay "Q". Inspired by "Don Quixote," the project centers on marionettes in Central Park who escape from their theater and embark on a fanstastical adventure. The pair will produce and receive both back-end profits and merchandising/ancillary revenue - a very rare thing for writers.

Finally, Media Rights Capital has picked up Richard Potter and Matthew Stravitz's original paranoid-thriller screenplay "Signals". No director has been attached.

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