D.J. Caruso Talks "Dead Space" Film

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D.J. Caruso Talks

Director D.J. Caruso ("Eagle Eye," "Disturbia") tells MTV News that the film adaptation of the hit sci-fi/horror video game "Dead Space" is still in the early stages.

The game is set in the 26th century in deep space, where an engineer who responds to a distress signal from a mining ship finds the vessel infested with monstrous creatures called Necromorphs. The creatures are human corpses, reanimated by an alien virus.

"We don't have a writer for it yet, but... right before I left we were listening to different writers and taking different pitches. We have to decide on a couple once we get back what we're going to do. We've tried to crack the story a few different ways, so I know when we get back we're going to get into it and I feel like we'll have a screenplay in a few months" says Caruso.

They seem to have an idea of where to go, namely a prequel - "We've got a really good sort of storyline. It's almost a prequel, sort of, to where the game picks up... You have have the whole sort of brainwash-y/Scientology thing and ultimately the Necromorphs. It's interesting to try to get the major studios to understand that this isn't Event Horizon."

Said prequel will probably avoid trying to resemble the animated direct-to-DVD feature "Dead Space: Downfall" which came out around the time of the first game. The game's sequel, "Dead Space 2", is scheduled to hit stores in January.

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