Dabangg : A Truly Dabangg Weekend

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BollyBusiness - After nearly 10 years, a movie is doing business which we can say very close to market potential (70-80%) and this was impossible without mass appeal. Trade magazines stopped publishing occupancy percentages earlier last decade because it was very shame to write 15-20% occupancy against so called Hit/Super Hit movies.

Now the way Dabangg has performed, one can proudly write percentages against numbers and it matches well with its blockbuster status. Dabangg collected approx. 48.25 Crore over weekend (And even if it had collected 35 Crore, everyone would have been GA-GA over that collections too). This business was fantabulous even if would have been collected over seven days, now we have in just first 3 days and this is possible only when movie is lapped by masses along with classes.

Weekdays will decide the remaining legs of movie; will be interesting to see if there are more surprises ahead.

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